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Both Plays

Summer Nights Dream:

Curtain to separate audience from actors that is behind the actors on stage, the black if we still have it so that more people can see everyone on stage, prop table in backstage to hold costumes and props. Small separators that stand up independently to separate actors on stage who are hidden in rooms from those who are in a scene. Some decorations and two or three round tables as well as chairs with glasses. Small vail for the potion. A white robe for oberon maybe. Donkey costume, possibly just the head of the donkey, as well as fake straw to feed him, or oats as a substitute. Some light music for the wedding.

The Tempest:

Beach sound affects on the loud speakers that could be hooked up in the back. Firewood for Caliban. Same set as midsummer nights dream such as stage layout, there will be a lot of coming on and off the stage. Liquor glasses for stefano, tinculo and caliban. Knifes for killing, maybe poison bottles.