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1200 B.C.
Where? Levant 
	(Lebanon : Syria)

	Boats - advanced
				Using starts

Colonies along Med
	Main colony at Carthage
				(Modern Tunisia)

Rich because of trade in Mediterranean 
Timber -> shellfish to make purple die

+22 Letter Phoenician alphabet 
Copied by Greeks, copied by romans --> English today!

Hebrew / Israelites
Distinct Civilization 
	Arose 1200 B.C. 
Religion distinguishes 

	Monotheistic - One God 

970 -930 B.C.
	Kingdom of Judea
Was established under King Solomon 

722 B.C. - Conquered by Assyrians - Exiled 
						Many to babylon

Later… Persians let them return to Judea only get conquered more…


First true empire 

They ruled through fear, killed raped. Come from Northern Mesopotamia

700 B.C. - Conquer From persia to egypt, first to use calvary