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Corey: “Hello Pericles, welcome to the show.”

Joe: “Thank you, it’s a pleasure to be here.” 

Corey: “So, what have you done in the past years?” 

Joe: “Well, currently I’m at the end of the Peloponnesian war, hold on, one second…” 

(Stabs Grayson)

Corey: “So why didn’t you accept peace with Sparta?” 

Joe: “Because we want to win, that’s all Athens ever wants to do, we’re the best that’s why the Parthenon build! Because were the best!” 

Corey: “Alright, tell us about yourself?” 

Joe: “Well I’m a Statesmen, and the general of Athens, I have two sons, come on boys!” 

(Enter Grayson and Tito) 

Grayson: “Hi dad, do you have any water, Im really thirsty.” 

Joe: “Yeah, here you go.” 

(Hands him a water bottle, and he drinks it, then he coughs and dies, and Tito coughs and dies). 

Joe: “Ah, I didn’t like them that much anyway.” 

Corey: “That’s pleasant, what’s been going on in Athens recently?” 

Joe: “Well, there’s a plague, that’s kind of why my kids died. We’ve lost about ⅓ or our population, but we’re planning to go to war with the Spartan’s anyway.” 

Corey: “Alright, well that’s all the time we have, thanks for coming, goodbye!”