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The cow jumped over the moon. Laughing at his previous failed attempts.

Merle shot his cow. Forgetting to turn the other cows away.

Gerald jumped into the lake. Learning it was infested with piranas.

Cystal traveled to Paraguay for the summer. Living in the worst continent.

The chicken stole fourteen bottles of whiskey. Drinking his troubles away.

Rutherford bled on the weasel. Disgusting his wife, you later left him for a “hotter”


Vomit dripped from eds mouth as he lurched in his chair. Later scooping it up and

re-ingesting it.

Jill forced Jack to drink from the toilet. Dyeing of embarrassment, Jack later killed

himself, ironically drowning himself in the toilet.

Brittany fell down the stairs and died. Leaving her baby to be a pop star!

South america shrunt to the size of a pea. Causing many complaints regarding