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The Outsiders assignment
Describe Ponyboy as a character during most of the book.
At the beginning of the book Ponyboy seemed like he didn’t quite fit into his Neighborhood. But he had now choice. He was sensitive, especially capered to the rest of his family and his friends. After he ran away with Johnny he began to feel what his life was like if he didn’t have Darry or Soda. I would have to say that throughout most of the book Pony was a young, intelligent roughed up kid, who was very mature for his age.
What change does he undergo during the novel and why?
Throughout the book Ponyboy loses two friends (Johnny and Dally) and has many injuries, he sees what his life would be on his own and what his life could turn into. When he experiences these things he becomes more aware of life and how lucky he is to be alive and not to be in Johnny position or Dally’s position. Through the book I think that he becomes more mature and more aware of his life and how precious life is. He goes through this just like anyone else goes through it, only people can learn the same lesson in different ways.
What is he like at the conclusion of the story?
He is a lot tougher than he was and he has experienced things that changed him (i.e. losing two friends and living on his own) and he has learned a lesson that he will never forget and that is: live is important and he has a good live compared to Darry, Dally, Johnny and Soda.