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In general, my diet is balanced. In terms of overall energy intake and energy exertion I am nearly perfectly balanced (I eat the amount of calories I exert). I meet and do not exceed the suggested for the majority of the Nutrition tables. I should increase my intake of Calcium, Vitamin A, Fiber, Total Carbohydrates and Sugar. And I should decrease my intake of Sodium, Cholesterol, Total Fat, and Protein. I am eating a perfect amount of Calories, I am eating around 4% more than the suggested, which will be used to gain extra weight and grow. Much too many calories can spawn unnecessary weight growth which can be detrimental to overall health. Too little calories will diminish the fat on the body that is essential for the body to function. Too little calories may also lead to un-cushioned organs and an unstable body temperature because fat provides insulation which allows the body to maintain a healthy temperature. One essential nutrient that I should definitely increase my intake of is Vitamin A. Low amounts of Vitamin A can have many long term adversities, such as weak hair and nails, poor night vision, and cancer vulnerability. A great source of Vitamin A are carrots, an increase intake of carrots may make up for this deficit. My sugar intake is quite low, and even though there are other ways to gain weight, sugar would help for those who are underweight. My cholesterol levels are slightly higher than they should be. Unusually large Cholesterol levels may increase the chances for heart attack and heart disease. Cholesterol levels are affected by diet, weight, age, heredity and physical activity. Diet certainly is important because it affect many things in life people see as important. Financially health can be significantly affected if one has poor health. Self image can also be affected, as well as the way people see you. Eating habits are affected by diet, having good eating habits can save money in the short and long term.