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The toasty noon breeze wakes me for my day of learning,
Only for me to find that my brain is not yet yearning. 
I rise to my feet after 2 days of waiting,
Once again, to find that my mother is a hating. 
I come to my senses and plop in my shower,
Turn my head and find myself at such a late hour. 
I wobble along out into my clothes, 
Only to see that those are not Joe’s. 
I rush out the door with not a minute to spare,
Only to find me completely bare. 
I rush into my house in such a quick scurry, 
You should easily tell we are in great hurry. 
We pilot our way from here on to school,
Only to have my teacher make me into a fool. 

Name: Joseph A. Puccio

Address: 868 Jordan Hills Drive, Chapel Hill, NC

Phone: 919-969-8189

School: Montessori Community School, Durham

Grade: 8th

Teacher: Peter Piche