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They begin measuring rocks

Struggling with procedure

They almost forgot to zero the scale with the beaker, they subtracted the weight of the beaker from the overall weight, instead of zeroing the scale with the beaker on it

They are regularly recording their results and writing neatly

They are checking off the materials

They are following the procedure well

They did not at first compare information

They are doing their calculations on paper

They are not both doing the math

They did not check their math

They figured out the formula to calculate the volume of a cylinder easily

Now they both did the math and had conflicting results, they then redid the math and located where they went wrong and corrected it

They are now trying to find which cylinder would be best, and based their decision on which one is more accurate

They are still following the procedure well

They are trying to be as precise as possible

They compromise on most estimations

They took the Thermometer out of the water so they could see if the temperature they had recorded was Fahrenheit or Celsius

It appears to me that they are recording the data regularly but are not taking much time to accurately record their observations

They leave the fire unattended while they record their data

They are now observing the water boiling

They are now recording more observations and are going into more detail

They were familiar with the fact that our current location is not precisely sea level, and understood how it could affect the boiling point

They are being considerate of hot objects and are handling everything with care

They are now finished with the procedure and are now doing the calculations, but they are not doing them together or comparing answers as lab partners should

Now they are learning the correct way to “show their work” so that Michelle can see where they went wrong, and correct it with them, they seem to understand it well

The lab is over, overall they did well and did not make many mistakes that I noticed, I think they have grabbed this lab well, and understood it well

The only thing they might need to work on is teamwork, for instance communicating with their partner and doing the work together, because it’s good to have two different opinions