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I beg for an ear, just to borrow, a moment 

Sit down, now hush. And take up a pencil. 

Ought to make this a class well worth your enrollment.

Let us get started, much more knowledge to instill. 

Silent, they are now, eyes narrowed on their gadgets 

‘Tis the cue for me to sing my Tuesday song.

Only to be lulled by the thrill of a new day’s bracket. 

To them, no day different, and all complained to be too long. 

A question slips, and the mute crowd answers with

a rip of zippers and shuffle of white ridden pages. 

I clean the inquiry with a solution made brisk

and sullenly cheer “you are now released from your cages”. 

I walk out the room, proudly and fast

Hoping my next will be better than last.