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 1) a) it doesn’t matter, they’re the same measure. b) explanatory would be circumference and response would be weight. c) There’s no relationship, it doesn’t matter d) explanatory is the first, response is the second
3) a) explanatory would be is altitude, temperature is response b) It doesn’t matter, they are both in response to heat c) explanatory is age, response is grip strength d) explanatory is blood alcohol level response is reaction time
5) a) 4 b) 3 c) 3 d) 2 e) 3
7) There doesn’t seem to be a very strong correlation between the two. 9)
Number of batches where a certain number of pieces broke
7.00 5.25 3.50 1.75
Number of batches
b) Only one piece broke more often
c) The number of pieces broken increases as the number of batches increases
11) In the order in which they appear in the question: c, d, a, b.
13) How was the television watching measured? What population was sampled?
15) a) yes, because the speed reached is at least somewhat dependent on the height of
the drop. b) They are are causally related, so one would expect the correlation to be
17) Yes, but pH scale is logarithmic. They are dependent on one another.
19) It would be periodic and the temperature would depend on the distance from the earth.
20. It could be that the correlation is strong, but the slope is really small.
21. The correlation is independent of the slope.
22. It would depend of the size of the hurricanes that year.
23. a) 0.7 is a high correlation. b) you can’t measure something about continents.
24. a) you can’t have a correlation greater than 1. b) Correlation does not imply