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When I walk through any supermarket all the labels say natural. When I buy something that is labeled natural I expect that this product did not encounter any unnatural chemicals on its way from when it began to when I consume it. “One common technique used by chicken processors is to inject the meat with saline solution, basically just salty water, the additive itself is natural. But is it natural to pump it into chicken?” Says Alicen Aubrey a reporter on NPR. The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA for short) current definition says that a product labeled as natural should not contain any artificial flavor, coloring or chemical preservative. When chicken producers pump in additives such as salty water into their chicken it actually makes there chicken heavier by up to fifteen percent. And if the chicken is weighed with this salty water it is going to cost more giving the consumer less chicken then what they paid for. When you buy something that is labeled natural you may think that it is currently natural but everything was natural at one point during its long journey from birth to your plate but it is when the processors adds things that it becomes unnatural and that’s what your product may be.