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Active Lead:

I woke up, staring blankly at the ceiling. It was finally Sunday, so I planned for an easy day. Suddenly an explosion interrupted the silence of my room, I sat up as fast as I could. All the blood rushed down from my head. I leaped out of bed, and slammed my door closed not bothering to lock it. My heart was pounding, I don’t know why, I felt like I would be the first one on the scene, which was pretty unrealistic considering this was New York. I rushed through the lobby and stumbled through the doors. My ears were suddenly met with countless numbers of car alarms screeching all around Manhattan. “What happened?” I panted to a man beside me who appeared to be completely petrified.


“Beep Beep Beep.” I woke up to my infuriating alarm and gave it it’s daily beating. Snatched the remote away from the night stand beside my bed. And turned on the T.V. Skipped through the usual Sunday morning programs until I came to CNN, big block red letters skimmed the bottom of the screen read “Breaking news, world trade center attacked! Accident or Terrorist bombing?” I leaped off my bed turned on the sound and sat nose to nose with the screen. “I am here in the plaza outside the world trade centers, at around 7:00 this morning a large jet plane careened its way into the top of uhhh first world trade center building.” The overly make-upped newslady said, with a terrified look on her face.


I woke up after a long night out with my friends, my head was pounding, and found my entire apartment in disarray. I just sat there, to lazy to get up, to lazy to reach the remote and too lazy to get something to eat, so I would guess you could call me an average American on a Sunday morning. I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep.