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	•	What were the challenges you faced at the very beginning with regard to starting a tech company that had a physical manufacturing component? 
	⁃	Often the appeal of tech is the low startup cost. 

	•	Did you/your partner keep your day job in the early stages of Spoonflower?
			-Seems like you didn’t based on the talk when you moved to Mebin, but during the inception stage did you? 

Shoeboxed also lot in Australia and they opened office


	•	In the early stages, what were the primary ways that you marketed Spoonflower? 
	⁃	Certainly there needs to be some seed in order to get started, even if your customers are going to share. 
	•	I noticed that you do have jobs listed for Rails developers. Really awesome that you’re hiring within. Has there been scalability problems that required you to take the hit and hire an experienced developer? 

	•	Have you had to handle any copyright disputes within the community? 

	•	How do you see Spoonflower evolving in the future? Do you have some direction you’re trying to or hoping to take it?

	•	Did you originally have a marketplace? If so, how did you fill it with a diversity of designs to show off to new visitors? 

“As demand for tech employees grows, one company invests within”