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Create Your Own Midterm

	I.	What does Leper signing the telegram to Gene “your best friend” signify?
	A.	Leper is in need of assistance
	B.	Leper is lonely
	C.	Leper is jealous of Gene and Finnys friendship
	D.	Leper is mentally unstable 

	I.	Why does Rainsford question the Generals sanity?
	A.	Because the General has hunted people for sport
	B.	The General lives on an island
	C.	The Generals house is too roomy for Rainsfords taste 
	D.	The General insulted Rainsfords hunting ability 

	I.	Which of the following is an example of internal conflict?
	A.	The villagers stoning the young girl
	B.	Rainsford killing the general 
	C.	The futuristic house burning to the ground
	D.	Toms decision to break the window

	I.	Which is an example of indirect characterization? 
	A.	The young blue eyed boy stepped off of the pavement
	B.	Dave gazed at the simplest of math problems with utter confusion
	C.	The quietest of the brewed stood out
	D.	The man was obviously stupid 

	I.	Which of the following is an example of an exposition?
	A.	Gene revisiting his school, Devon
	B.	Tom breaking the window
	C.	Rainsford killing the general
	D.	The sick dog dying

	I.	Which is of the following is NOT an example of a resolution? 
	A.	Finny falling off of the tree
	B.	Tom leaving his apartment to find Claire 
	C.	Rainsford sleeping in the Generals bed
	D.	The red deaths defeat over the Prince

	I.	What does the red deaths victory signify?
	A.	That evil will always win over good
	B.	That good will always win over evil
	C.	That justice will come upon those who have committed unjust acts
	D.	If you’re rich you can’t get away with everything 

	I.	Which of the following best describes an Ethos argument? 
	A.	One that follows logical reason
	B.	One that uses fake examples to grab the readers sympathy
	C.	One that uses real examples to grab the readers sympathy 
	D.	One that uses the Ethics of the author to make an argument

	I.	Which of the following best describes a Pathos argument? 
	A.	One that uses experiences of the author to interest the reader
	B.	One that uses experiences of the author to bring out empathy in the reader
	C.	One that uses historical evidence to boost the readers trust in the argument
	D.	One that disproves any conflicting existing theories 

	I.	Which of the following is the definition of an unreliable narrator?
	A.	A narrator who has been bribed to put certain information into a story
	B.	A narrator who’s credibility has been seriously compromised 
	C.	A narrator who has been influenced by other authors
	D.	None of the above 

	I.	If Gene is the protagonist, who would be the antagonist?
	A.	Finny
	B.	Gene’s conscious
	C.	Leper
	D.	Dr. Stanpole

	I.	Who escalates/uncovers the emotional tension between Gene and Finny?
	A.	Quackenbush
	B.	Brinker
	C.	Pinnockio   
	D.	None of the above

	I.	Which of the following indicates that Finny and Genes relationship was co-dependent?
	A.	Gene attempts to be like Finny by dressing in his clothes
	B.	Finny attempts to use Genes ability to use his body for sports
	C.	Leper says they are 
	D.	A & B

	I.	How does using all three types of arguments strengthen your case?
	A.	It allows the reader to see different perspectives 
	B.	It allows the reader to understand the material more
	C.	It allows the reader to understand that you care
	D.	It makes the argument more persuasive 

	I.	What does Lepers lack of mental stability impart to the other boys?
	A.	That the war is real
	B.	That Leper is really really stupid
	C.	War may touch those not in it
	D.	A & C 

	I.	What does Rainsford hide in to escape the General? 
	A.	A plane
	B.	A bush
	C.	A blanket
	D.	A tree

	I.	How does humanity die in There Will Come Soft Rains?
	A.	Epidemic 
	B.	Nuclear War
	C.	Nuclear Meltdown 
	D.	Volcanic Eruption 

	I.	Which of the following does Tom try in Contents of a dead mans pocket?
	A.	Lighting a piece of paper on fire
	B.	Dropping coins
	C.	Yelling
	D.	All of the above

	I.	How many friends does Prince Prospero house?
	A.	Not Mentioned
	B.	100
	C.	5000
	D.	1000

	I.	How does the house manage to put out the fire? 
	A.	The soft rains finally come and put it out
	B.	Humanity returns and puts out the fire
	C.	The fire was never put out
	D.	The mechanical mice morph together to form an enormous water balloon in one last attempt to put out the fire