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	I learned the process used to compare DNA. I learned that DNA is negatively charged. I learned that gene therapy can be an easy process. I liked the hands-on portion of the assignments. I also liked the use of a real solved problem to illustrate the subject. I liked that the questions required thinking creatively to find a solution to the problem. I liked that the real lab environment. I didn’t like that we were not able to spend more time in the museum. I also didn’t like that we couldn’t eat in the museum. I didn’t like that we were not given physical paper explaining the steps of the lab, and the purpose of each step and the overall goal that step was reaching towards. I didn’t like the amount of review involved in the session. I didn’t like the small research portions of the session where we had to find other examples of the topic at hand. I didn’t like the unneeded complexity of parts of the session. I didn’t particularly like the ethics of the matter, I found that the methods of killing the insects was unnecessary.