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Introducing machinery into the wilderness would disrupt the surrounding habitats for the wildlife. 
•Animals would be forced to relocate
•Natural food sources would be gone
•Trees for shelter would be gone
•Natural compost cycle would be destroyed, 
•Leading to a depletion of nutrients in the soil
•Leading to future generations of animals vegetation will lack in proper food


Instead of drilling somewhere else, we propose not drilling at all. Instead of investing the money in searching and drilling for the oil, we would create an alternative energy power plant, such as solar power. Any building we build in the area we would place solar power on, conversion of old abandoned power plants, convert to alternative energy power plants. The energy we create from these power plants will probably not be enough to power the surrounding area. So instead of cutting down trees, we could import electricity from other states who have a surplus of alternate energy. 

In the interest of the environment of Orange County North Carolina, I strongly recommend we invest in alternative energy sources whose electricity is exported to North Carolina. Alternate energies that do not require the destruction of the land, and is wildlife friendly. Destroying trees can also deplete the amount of oxygen being produced from the area. Instead of investing the money that we would use to create a non-renewable power source, we could invest it in researching renewable resources such as solar power. If we pass a 100 billion dollar bill for research in solar power, we could lower the cost of solar panels to the price of natural gas and coal. By passing this bill, we will be pioneering the world into a clean future. The generation of electricity from solar panels will allow us to separate the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water, the fuel for hydrogen powered cars. This process is completely clean, generating no greenhouse gases, the only byproduct of the hydrogen powered cars is water. This is simply the easiest and most environmentally safe way of energy production. The steps and cycle I have just described does not disrupt the wildlife in any way. Besides the money, the only resource it requires of us is effort. 

-20 - 25% of the united states is unemployed, creating alternative energy power plants will help reduce that number. 

Thank You