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	One may use one of the following three devices to remember the list: hierarchical organization, the method of loci, or the “peg-word” system. 

	The hierarchical organization technique would involve segmenting the list into closely relating groups. For instance one may group the list into dairy products, fruits/vegetables, and meats. This breaks the information down into only a few parts, making it easier to remember. This employs the method of chunking, which is proven to assist in remembering. 

	The method of loci would involve associating each of the items with something visual. The visual component may be something associated with the item or may be the item itself. This allows for easier recall because of the visual association. 

	Finally, the “peg-word” system would involve a semantic association (associating each item with another word that may resemble it). It is helpful if these associations are linked together (forming some coherent story) because starting the story will lead to a cascade of recollection.