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Mindfulness Exercise

        I found that even after 15 minutes of trying to do the pinky toe exercise I could not do it, it was by far the most challenging. Every time I tried to move it, I moved my big toe, out of the fifteen minutes I may have only wiggled the toe I wanted six times out of at least a hundred. I also observed that concentration had a lot do with it, for instance when I heard a noise out of the complete silence of my house my mind would drift off and I would just wiggle all of my toes. And when I got frustrated that I wasn’t able to master a task that would seem so simple, I would jostle around to get it out. 

        I tried the other two exercises and mastered wiggling my thumb and index finger, and my thumb and my ring finger, I would guess came so easy to me because I play the Piano thus have developed hand eye coordination. I tried wiggling my scalp as well and found it tickling my noise, I did not spend much time on it though. I also tried wiggling my ears, I didn’t do it very long but I did find that I kept winking, over and over again.