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Hugh Capet - 
	Former Stewart of the Palace in Paris becomes king of a new western Frankish kingdom 

Capetian Dynasty

Unite France for an extended period of time, create the modern country of France. 
	Brings western Europe out of chaos that had engulfed it since the fall of Rome. 

General Trends of Countries 

France & Germany 

From fall of Rome -> 900s AD fates are entwined 

But, with the rise of Capetians in France, France becomes centralized & stable & Germany is over 300 small kingdoms doesn’t unite until 1871

While Capetians have established power in Paris 

Duke of Normandy has an illegitimate son. 
			William the Bastard. CAN’T INHERIT LAND 

Over across the Channel…
	Edward the Confessor was a powerful 

	King with no heirs. 
			Who had an unlikely friendship with William the Bastard 

So, At Edward’s death 2 claims to Throne. Harold (Nephew). 

William - who claimed Edward had promised him the throne. 

At first, Harold becomes king. Doesn’t think William is a threat, attacks up north exposing his back allowing William to gather an army from his father and invade England, he fortified the city and was in control of it. Haderold brings his army back, not a strong. 

Island Nation
Isolated from the continent

Therefore develops differently. 
From the fall of Rome until 1066 - not united, tribal warfare, petty kings. 

After 1066 - very entwined with France 

Under Arab control.

Fragments into city states 
Papal states controlled by Pope. 
And some commercial states : Venice.