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William (son of Duke of Normandy) 
	Invades while harold is up North 

1066 Norman Invasion. 

Quickly takes London

Herold comes back Battle of Hastings

			Normans win because Harolds troops are exhausted from fighting & traveling

Within 5 years, william is in complete control of England. By defeating petty kings. 


France and England has intwined successors, sometime one ruler is in control of the other. 100 years war, fight over who is the king. 

	What did William do? 

Once he is king, he organizes the nobles and sets up a tax collection system. 

The Domes Day book, which is a Census of population and assets. 

Checkerboard system to calculate taxes. 

By 1000 AD - Capetians (French Rulers) 

By 1066 AD - Norman England, under William. 

Approaching 1100 - Most stability in western europe since 300’s …. Trade increased. Less conflict, less deaths, allowing more free time and discovery. 

Countdown to crusades… 

Seljuk Turks in 1070’s - gaining ground in Asia Minor against Byzantine Empire. Late 1000s … young men in Europe restless - because bigger population, less conflict. They thought Europe was getting crowded. 

1095 - At Clairmont, Pope Urban second, gave a speech that began the crusades, saving constantinople.