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I think that eating meat is right. Humans have been eating meat for 3 million years. Meat from animals provides an enormous amount of protein. For instance one serving of Steak can provide 30 Grams of protein. Almost half of the amount you need per day. Our community is now refusing to eat meat, or anything that might be “killing an animal.”

Eating meat has many benefits, but many downsides. It contains a high amount of fat , which in spite of most people’s idea, fat is good for you. It maintains healthy skin and hair. However , meant contains a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol which can lead to many health problems such as heart disease. Consistently eating meat can commonly lead to colon cancer as well.

Even though eating meat can lead to various problems in your body, I still eat meat and don’t see myself ever stopping. I’ve talked to many vegetarians and I found that most of them stopped eating meat because of the cruelty that the animals endure before they are slaughtered. Instead of completely dropping meat completely I suggest finding your chicken, steak, and pork from a local farmer.

Meat can also transmit many diseases. For instance uncooked pork can carry many parasites. Chicken can also carry Salmonella, which can be deadly. However, if you find properly prepared meat it is very unlikely that it will contain anything in proper. So why not get your meat from a good provider, and one that you trust?

If you are a vegetarian, or on the verge of becoming a vegetarian. I highly recommend that your reconsider your way of eating. All you have to do is find the right provider, and the amount that is right for your. Remember, meat is extremely tasty, and if eaten at the right amount, and the right kind can be very good for you.