I love Jazz, but taking a class where you just had to memorize songs was a really bad idea. Pretty sure I got a C- in that class.

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Weather Bird: Trumpet and Piano 

Honky Tonky: lots of Piano riffs, “honky tonky” sound in the bass. 

Maple Leaf Rag: Straight piano

Cake walk: “do do do do do dodo dooooo dododododo doooo” Sounds like fallout 3. 

Singing the blues sounds kind of woody allen, a lot of dropping, follow it with your finger no vocals

Tiger rag by ODJB: the squeak that rises, fast paced, sounds like some cowbell, lots of squeals. 

Bessie Smith ST Louis blues: sounds whinny, long drawn out woman’s voice. 

Hellhound: keep moving 

West end blues: very woody allen, starts with louis armstrong trumpet introduction

tiger rag not by white guys:   long piano intro, very fast piano. 

B.B King - No Good: Distinct backbeat,distinct black guy,  makes me want to stomp my foot. 

Dippermouth blues     - Distinct hits of three, bum bum bum. 

Multiple people singing with drums is Ghana 

One person is Griot sounds like gibberish. 

Field song - no instrument, long complainy, melosmatic 

Traveling blues: spoken with guitar 

Memphis blues: cheery, sounds like it’s from a charlie chaplin comedy. 

Ol’ Joe Clark - sounds like it has banjo. 

Handfull of keys: Fast jumping around just piano

Carolina: very light piano, very high notes. 

Maple leaf - Piano very recognizable

Harlem all are just piano. 

tatum said god is in the house.