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	A Mathematical Autobiography
How do numbers affect our life today? What would the world be without numbers? That is an excellent and difficult question to answer, because it is hard to imagine what the world would be like without numbers. I have set out to answer that question, and explain where humans would be without numbers. Explain my daily lives without numbers.
My life would change quite a bit, at the beginning of the day an alarm clock wakes me up, and of course that uses information based on numbers. So, I would not wake up at the right time. The next obstacle I would face in my day would be breakfast. I usually have cereal, and without numbers, how would I estimate how much cereal I wanted, or how much milk I needed.
And of course how would I get to school without numbers it would be almost impossible to make a car, so I would end up walking. The next obstacle I would face would be electricity at school, without numbers we would never have discovered electricity, so our classroom would be candle lit and we would use paper and pencil to write because we couldn’t invent computers.
Another obstacle I would come across would be planning my day, because we would have no way of keeping time and when to do things. And when we go out to recess we couldn’t play any games that use numbers, like any game that keeps score. And when were taught science, it would be completely different from what it is today with numbers.
Another thing that would change dramatically is music. It would be almost impossible for musicians to keep a steady beat without numbers. All history of music would change too, like some of the most famous pieces in history. All of engineering would be changed completely; all of our inventions would not be as strong. Every single object in the world would be different if we didn’t have numbers. So next time you’re on your computer, driving in your car or listening to music, thank our knowledge of numbers for that experience.