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Dear Ms. Tilley,

I hope to better understand the system of public schools and become accustomed to them. I plan to challenge myself to a reasonable degree so that I can be better prepared for college. So far I feel that I’ve been very well accepted in this community and have made many good and well respected friends. I hope to bestow this same welcomeness to newcomers next year. Specifically in English I plan to revisit my learnings from previous years, because in the past few years I have not been provided with the appropriate exposure to English.

At first I was very worried about the amount of work I would receive as well as how included I would be in the social area of school. It only took me one day to realize all of the fears I had worked up over the past few years were pointless. The only art of school I’m still partly worried about is test taking. I heard from all of my fellow peers that high school in general was very difficult and hard to handle. However so far I am very comfortable with the amount of work I receive every night and hope it remains relatively the same throughout the school year.

I’ve never been a strong reader, but have always been very good at writing. I have the ability to get into the flow of writing very quickly without hesitation of what I’m putting down on the paper. I’ve taken reading test before and found that I read the exact average amount of words per minute. I hope that I can become a better reader this year in English, and learn new writing and grammar techniques.

I enjoy playing soccer, conversing with people and adventuring outside of my usual route. In the past teachers have challenged me in the subjects that I feel I’m good at. I’d prefer to listen to a teacher and ask questions than have them use visual aids. Asking questions is usually what helps me learn the most, when I ask a question I almost always remember the answer. My previous school which I was at for 10 years was Montessori Community School. That being said I’m much more comfortable with a Montessori way of learning.

So far I feel like I’ve adapted to this school very well. Probably my strongest quality so far is class participation. Because at Montessori class participation was essentially how you were graded. There were no tests, quiz’s or any other evaluation except for an annual standard-eyes test (I don’t really know how to spell it). So, hopefully you’ll be able to understand the small amount of anxiety I might express if a test is on its way.

Sincerely yours,

Joseph Puccio