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I am not one to decide what others say. I prefer to not be around those who say the N word because I don’t want to begin saying it and be responsible for the response it evokes.

We don’t use the word at all. Racial slurs and sexual orientation slurs are never used in our house. Cursing is lightly moderated, however.

It’s just a word. I don’t like that it’s offensive to a certain race as opposed to most other words that aren’t specific to a race. Once again, the baggage the word carries makes it entirely unnecessary.

I simply don’t want to start saying the word, so I’d prefer not to hear it, regardless of use. So I’d prefer not to use it in class. I believe historical quotations with the word should be allowed.

I don’t suppose there is a difference. The word in itself is offensive, the speaker has little effect on its potency.

We shouldn’t say it, we may, if necessary, replace it with “ninga.” Or, we may choose not to use the word at all, skipping it altogether. This is a safer bet, censorship is fine unless it detracts from the artistic purpose.