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Measuring the correlation between aggressiveness and alcohol consumption

! I hypothesize that there exists a causal link between alcohol consumption and aggressiveness. The following experiment will determine if this causal link is extant, and if so, to what degree they correlate. The topic will be approached from a neurological point of view. First, we define social aggression as the willingness to harm others. The experiment will consist of monitoring many subjectʼs brain activity while consuming alcohol. Half of these subjects will be habitual alcohol users, while others will have scarcely been exposed to alcohol. In turn half of each of these two groups will not be given an alcoholic substance but something resembling one (a placebo). Hormone levels will be monitored throughout the procedure. The independent variable is the alcohol consumption. The dependent variable is the production of hormones that may induce aggressive behavior (such as adrenaline). The control are those who are given the placebo while the experimental group are those who are given alcohol. The experimental groupʼs data will be checked against the control and major outliers will be omitted from the study.