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Geo: Islands, Mountains

First real political organization arises in 300’s - 400’s CE 

General about Society, religion : Shinto
					   Animal characters
					   Mystical / Magical
					   Ancestor worship


Terrace Farming 

Pre 300’s CE 
Small clans live together…

Nara State 300’s - 794 CE

Arisese 300 CE, under the Yamato clan. 
	Nara state is capital. Throughout this period they are centralized. Because they gained support from smaller clans. Chinese influence, ongoing because of trade. Buddhist monasteries, arise, Japan becomes a center of Buddhist scholarship. Tensions arise between the buddhists and the Yamato ruling family, who have begun the tradition that the Emperor is a a Shinto god. So they move their capital to the city of Heian. To escape Buddhist influence. 

Heian State (794 CE - 1185 CE), golden age. Peace, Prosperity, Cultural Splendor, art, literature women had a lot of rights during this period. 

	Lady Murasaki. “The Tale of Gengi”
				Story of courtly romance. The Yamato emperors are losing power to the Fujiwara clan who create the position of Chancellor (kwamapaku). Defacto rule, Emperor is only symbolic by 858