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Islam/Arab Empire 

At fall of Western Roman Empireā€¦
	Decentralization/chaos: Europe, North Africa
By 500 AD, the Eastern Roman Empire was not able to control Mesopotamia or Egypt. 

Middle East reverted back to traditional systems. Tribal groups, led by Sheiks 

City states in Arabia stayed successful due to caravan trade through Middle East from India. 


Judeo-Christian beliefs 
Torah/old testament writings 
New Testament 

	570 - 632 AD 

Orphaned at 5 years old. 
	Poor during childhood
	Married a widow - hot rich managing her caravan trade

610 AD - goes into wilderness because angry about greed & poverty
Archangel Gabriel delivered first Surahs 

From 610 - 630
	Series of 114 Surahs given to Muhammad from God..become The Quran

The Quran
Must be in Arabic
Deals with issues of equality