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	1. Which geographical area are you studying?
2. When in history will your timeline cover?
3000 B.C- 1519 A.D
3. What events will you include?
1. 3000 B.C Stonehenge
2. 776 B.C First Olympic games
3. 356 B.C-323 B.C Alexander the Great
4. 287 B.C-212 B.C Archimedes
5. 100 B.C-44 B.C Julies Caesar
6. 122 A.D Hadrian’s Wall is finished  
7. 711 A.D-718 A.D Moors invade Spain
8. 1347 A.D-1352 A.D Black Plague
9. 1492 A.D- 1519 A.D Leonardo Da Vinci
10. 1453 A.D Fall of Constantinople
11. 1492 A.D Columbus discovers America
The eleven events or people above we chose to describe in more detain on our timeline. We chose these events because we think that they were vital impacts or discoveries that changed Europe. These are the other events that we are planning to include in our timeline only in less detail:
1. 800 B.C The Greek poet Homer
2. 469 B.C-399 B.C Socrates
3. 384 B.C-322 B.C Aristotle
4. 106 B.C-43 B.C Cicero
5. 63 B.C-14 A.D Augustus
6. 271 A.D-337 A.D Constantine I
7. 354 A.D-430 A.D Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo
8. 483 A.D-565 A.D Justinian I
9. 742 A.D-814 A.D Charlemagne, Charles the Great
10. 1066 Battle of Hasting, William the Conqueror
11. 1254 A.D-1324 A.D Marco Polo, Travels to China
12. 1400 A.D-1468 A.D Gutenberg, Inventor of the Printing Press
4. What images will you use?
We will use images of the person or event.
5. What other types of media will you use?
Source process:
We started with searching Timeline on Google. We found a sight called, and found on the site a timeline of Europe. We scanned through the timeline and found what we thought were important people and events that shaped the outcome of Europe. We made a list of either the date of when an important event occurred, or the date of the lifetime of an important person who single-handedly affected the outcome of Europe. Then we looked at the timeline again, and went through it one by one, deciding if the person or event was important enough to include in our timeline. These were deemed less important by the gods commonly known as Neil and Joe, and so instead of going into excruciating detail about every waking moment of one persons life, or every second of an event, we decided to write a few sentences about that event or person.