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Early History 

Indus River Valley (2600 B.C. - 1900 B.C.)

Very Powerful, hundreds of cities
Harappa & Mohenjo - Daro
Big planned cities, 400 miles apart 
Drainage for sweage

Don’t Know

Writing? Can’t read
Fall (Invasions? Soil erosion? River Shifted?) 

1500 B.C. - 1000 B.C. - Aryan Migration

		Brought: Language = Sanskrit 
		Religion = Hinduism 
		Social Divisions: Caste System 

Political History since Aryan Migration

Indian Subcontinent
Very Few Periods of Political Unity
Kingdoms arose in Northern India
Through most of history Northern India  
Small kingdoms ruled by rajas 
Strict social structure 

Mauryan Empire (324 B.C. - 184 B.C.)

	Arose in response to the threat from Greece 
Short period of time united North india 
	Ashoka (269 B.C. - 232 B.C.) - important ruler … He converted to Buddhism 
He puts pillars up 
India Goods

Divided kingdom into provinces 

After Fall 
	India is not united again for 500 years, decentralization. 
1 Kingdom in north india the Kushans...stop on the silk road, kind of powerful but not very powerful 

Gupta Empire (320 AD - 550 AD) 

	North india
	Hindu, but tolerant 

Math: pi, zero, decimal system 

Hinduism - Stability of India 

Brahman (Creater/Great World Soul) 

Brahman has an infinite number of forms, each village has a god and goddess, thousands total