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Inca (1300s - 1536) 

Greatest of Andean civilizations 
Empire stretched 3000 mies, all along west coast of south america

P.O. - Great Inca = emperor 
	Lived in capital city = Cuzco 
Centralized government 

Empire divided into 4 quarters 
Each with a governor, each quarter further divided into provinces each with a governor 

E.S. - Isolated 
	Terrace Farming 

M.C. - Polytheistic
	Sun god main god 
		Great Inca is descendant 

I.T. - No writing, spanish destroyed everything 
	Thought they did have Quipo (knots in strings to keep records) 

	They also had theatre & poetry - Oral History

Incas were conquered by Pizzaro in 1536. 



Must divide it into regions 

North Africa  				Sub Saharan Africa