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 Notes on Mr. Wilson’s condition
I’m quite surprised that this man was able to afford my services, it doesn’t take much analysis to realize that this man did not come from a very afflu- ent side of west egg. As for his condition, he is experiencing an inexplica- ble (based on the information he divulged, at least) clench toward religion. This could be due to familial issues as individual’s tend to fall back on their family in hardship, and if they are unable to, they may resort to a figure greater, untouchable, such as God. He is somewhat disillusioned. He does not think clearly and makes rash actions and entertains rash thoughts. Al- though it is not to the extent I’m worried, it’s certainly worth noting. This session was especially distressing as he began to resist as I pushed into those things in his life that he considers major stressors. He is unable to communicate clearly, his thoughts are sporadic and his actions are frenetic. He sweats an exorbitant amount, it’s somewhat distressing as I regularly have to wipe the perspiration off of my beautiful leather furniture. I’m not sure how long this man will continue to see me. The client immediately proceeding and preceding him often comment on his appearance. They are disconcerted that they would be visiting the same Psychologist as him. Fortunately, many of these men are weak minded fools and I’m able to convince them that such a bothered individual such as Mr. Wilson requires a true professional’s help. I am fortunate to handle the majority of the psy- chologically troubled (or so they think) individuals in west egg as some of them find in necessary to tip their psychologist as they are unaware of many customs.
Sincerely Myself, Dr. Mandelbrot