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 Joe.P                                                                                                           September 11, 2007 9:02 AM
Ways to raise money or gather goods          
Bake Sale
Creating bundles of toiletries
Collecting Money 
Donating Food
Donating Clothing
Educating the Public about a disease/epidemic
Walking for a cause

Organizations to donate to
Grayson’s diabetic walk
An organization donating money to Katrina survivors 
Relay for Life
Donate clothing, food and toiletries to an organization that ships them to countries that are in need
Donate money to an AIDS organization to better support the scientist
Buy building supplies and ship it through an organization that builds small houses in countries in great poverty 
Donate money to an organization that makes dreams of children with life threatening illnesses come true, and help that effort in any way possible

Educate ourselves about an epidemic to better understand it, and help prevent transmission 
Visit children with disabilities and comfort them