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It all starts with an idea. Throughout history humans have attempted to make either their own ideas or someone else’s reality, and every single attempt has resulted in a failure. Perfection can only exist in the spiritual world (ones mind), and regardless of the idea being an invention, government style, a military strategy or a religious belief it cannot be implemented into the natural realm (reality) as deemed possible by the mind. Every idea is built on another, and because humans do not share one realm of consciousness, the communication of ideas is flawed as well. Therefore the flaws exacerbate on each other, each generation becoming more distant from perfection. And because it is ideas that drive history, it too has become seriously flawed.

As communism is based on the idea that humans can treat each other fairly, the belief that it can exist is foolish. The entire existence of communism would require social interaction to be controlled on the microscopic level, which is only possible in ones mind. As the idea of communism is spread from mind to mind it is changed, much like the statement made in a game of telephone. This is because everyones perception of perfection is different, in the case of the game telephone everyone only hears what they wish to hear. As these ideas are communicated throughout humanity, the overall collection of individuals spiritual realms are being refined and approaching perfection while the physical world is diminishing at the same rate.

Any idea, any introduction of new, expedites the process of becoming more spiritually absolute and less materially. This is why throughout life we gain perspective which allows us to build this stronger spiritual realm (which at the point of death is a closed environment which allows perfection and absolutes). The ulterior behind all ideas, is to reach this point of ultimate, collective spiritual awareness, in which everyone is everyone.

In the material world however the nature of an idea is determined chiefly by the environment one is living in. As opposed to the intent, which from the perspective of the mind is always beneficial to humanity but ultimately itself. Ideas are as prevalent as waves in the ocean, most are discarded as quickly as they are thought of. But with a hint of support, an idea can evolve into terror.

When one conjures up an idea, the consequences always seem negligible. The benefits must be greater than the downfalls otherwise the idea would be digressive. However in life we are unable to make this speculation because the physical and spiritual realm are so vastly different, that the mind cannot comprehend the countless miniscule effects the action has in reality. For example, when Archduke Francis Ferdinand was assassinated on June 28th, 1914. The result was far more than a statement successfully made by the Serbian terrorist Organization The Black Hand. This was the spark needed to send the entirety of Europe into a state of total war. Which then led to a second World War, overall totaling 75 Million deaths. It all started with an idea.

I didn’t have as much time as I needed so I made sure my conclusion and introduction were solid.