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	Humanities Overview
1.Why don’t managers dance? What are they doing instead? Does it take that much time or do they believe it takes that much time, therefore it does?

        Because they are to busy organizing the rest of the takers. I think that it does not take the takers that much time to complete there work. 

2.Why do the dancers slack off? What else would/could dancers do with their time? What would you do? What do they like to do? 

        I think that the dancers slack off because there was nothing keeping them to do the work, they would get the food either way because there someone else in the taker community still working and supplying the ones that slack of with food. The dancers could just adopt the hunter gathering life style and safe them a lot of work just for their favorite meals. Or they could have some of dancing and some of hunting gathering. I would most likely do a mix of both so on some days I would have my favorite food and others I would eat what I needed to survive, because that way I would not have to slave to get my favorite food all the time. I think that the other takers would rather be a mix so that they did not have to dance as much. 

3.The word dancer as used in My Ishmael is a euphemism in today’s world for what?

        The practice of Agriculture. 

4.According to the managers those dancers that are lazy will always be hungry.
5.According to the managers those dancers that work hard will be satisfied with their food. 

6.Use the power of our own thinking: In the taker world success equals what?

        The takers believe that a civilization that is successful is one with a large military force, low poverty rate, and constantly working for things they don’t need (iPods, TV etc). 

7.In the leaver world success equals a civilization that can survive, have their people work for what they need and not what they want, are not forceful.

9.My Paragraph: 

        If the Europeans had arrived in the new world driven by curiosity, and not in search for land to move into and conquer and riches. If the Europeans were to come to the new world like this we would have a community that was sprawling with diversity. We might not even have adapted hunting and gathering life styles, and we would all go hunt every night. We would not have even close to the technology we have today, because the only effort of the new world would be to survive, and not look for ways to have our life better such as television. One thing is certain, we would all have a lot more free time on our hands.