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Looking Ahead

I think that the gang will undoubtedly get into more trouble as the story progresses. Likely, based on their plans to capture and ransom people, find themselves in a situation that they will not be able to find their way out without severe punishment. They certainly arenʼt intelligent, which will add to the severity and likelihood of their inevitable predicament.


Weʼre introduced to the slaughtered pig. Judge thatcherʼs daughter, Polly are introduced.

Tone, Mood, Atmosphere

Impending struggle. Ominous, the tranquil island will eventually become fantastically troubled. The discovery of the body instills a sort of mystery, Jim acts like a father figure to huck, protecting him.

Looking Ahead

Huck and Jim will have to relocate lest they be caught by the womanʼs husband and a man with a gun. That was for chapter 11....that happened. Considering the predicament Jim and Huck find themselves in, theyʼll have to find a new boat. Perhaps repair the steamboat, or theyʼll have to salvage what they can to make a new one.

Looking Ahead

" Theyʼll sell the valuables to make money. Jim will remain cautious and Huck will remain intrepid.