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What Makes a Civilization
Political Organization
Economic System
Moral Code
Intellectual Tradition

Answers for Egypt 
Pharaohs who have viziers (advisor), provinces with a governor,
Farming they had wheat and barely, trade a lot from Nubia and get yams and things they couldn’t grow for things Nubians couldn’t grow. Taxes on farms, reserve food in case something bad happens  
Polytheistic (had your shadow, soul, and physical being). Must please the gods in your lifetime. You want your spirit to go free
"Hieroglyphics - 
Geometry & Physics (arches and columns)
Simple Algebra, Biology "

Civilizations were less common than nomadic life. As time goes on there were more settled down civilizations. 


Asia Minor
(Anatolia) which is Turkey
1750 B.C. - 1200 B.C. 
Indo-European origin. 

Important because they started to smelt iron, kept it a secret, they had an advantage and invaded Egypt

Copper and Tine = Bronze