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Brahman (Great world soul)
	Infinite number of forms

Vishnu : The Preserver

Shiva : The Destroyer 

Samsara : Wheel of life 

Brahman creates you, Vishnu is with you while you live, Shiva destroys you

We think of a linear view of history 

India & China has a cyclical view of history...a coil 

Wheel of life: 

Reincarnation - Live life after life, working your way towards Brahman 

Material life is an illusion, nothing is real, once you reach Brahman then you reach reality.

How do you reach Brahman? 

Go through the caste system. If you die as an Untouchable and were good you go up. 

	Untouchables - lowest of the low, not part of the system, people with the darkest skin, preformed the nasties jobs, isolated. 

	Shudras - servants, slaves. 
	Vaishyas - Commoners 
	Kshatriyas - Warriors, or politicians 
	Brahmins - Priests 

	Dharma : the law of the world

	Karma : how well you follow dharma