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Heian Period

Such cultural splendor…
The Army is neglected

By 1100’s - 1100 

	Local land owners (Daimyos)
	Began to hire vassals (samurai)
	To protect their land

Leads to

Taira-Minamoto War (1156 - 1185) 

Conflict between 2 major clans. 

1st stage (1156 - 1160) - Taira Win - take over position of chancellor support a boy emperor 
2nd stage (1180 - 1185) - Minamoto Win. Minamoto establish a new capital at Kamakura 

	Kamakura Shogunate - begins feudal era 

Definitions of Japanese Feudal Era

Emperor: Symbolic figure, considered Shinto God, member of Imperial family. 

Shogun: Has power through military force, de facto ruler of Japan, controlled the army, ruled by force. 

Samurai: a vassal, or military man tied to a daimyo, follow the code of Bushido

Daimyo: land owner (a lot of land).  Set laws, built roads, markets, provide protection for peasants by hiring vassals. 

Bushido: honor, courage, duty. If you fail to follow Bushido...Suppuku - ritualistic suicide

Kamakura Shogunate (1185 - 1333). 

	Feudal era is established. 
Emperor GoDaigo tries to overthrow the Shogun, fails, but results in civil war ensues. 

Ashikago Shogunate (1336 - 1477)

	Onin War (1467 - 1477) 

Oda Nobunaga - brings Guns to Japan. The arrival of guns and Portuguese catholicism missionaries creates a conservative movement that leads to japanese isolationism. From 1500’s - mid 1800’s both Japan & China are Isolationist 

China - Europeans only allowed to trade at Macao

Japan - Europeans only allowed to trade at Nagasaki 

Civil War (1560 - 1582) 

	General Hideyoshi arises as victor - 
	    Establishes capital at Osaka 
		(1582 - 1598) things seem okay

1598 - 1603 - more conflict

Tokugawa Shogunate (1603 - 1863)

“Great Peace” Very strict, very rigid, dictatorship. Centralized Japan through military force, women no longer allowed to be educated. 

Still isolationist - but they allow “dutch schools” where select japanese men learn european languages. 

Reduced power of Daimyo 

Japanese society becomes urbanized


Commodore Matthew Perry


Sails a steamboat - boat into Tokyo Bay Harbor 

Opening of Japan

Ripped Japan apart, Conservatives vs. Liberals 
                          Resist modernization    Change 
                          Keep things the same      want to modernize 

Civil War Ensues 

1855 - 1863

Conservatives    vs       Liberals

1863 - Meiji Restoration
	Emperor Meiji Restores power of emperor, takes japan into the modern era. “You don’t have to be western to be modern.”