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“Ha! You look ridiculous!” My “friend,” Kate spit at me as I greeted her and her friends. They arrived a half an hour late to the party. They turned their backs to me and wondered off to greet the rest of the party. I just shrugged it off and smiled, which at the moment was difficult considering I had duct tape cemented over my mouth.

Every year one family was chosen to host the Halloween party. They had a hay ride and a potluck dinner it sounds good but, it never turned out to be that way. I was struggling to pick out a costume a few hours before the party at my friends house. As the others comfortably picked out some moronic costume that was always deemed by others “awesome.”

During the hay ride I asked if anyone had an idea about what I should be. Someone suggested I should be an iPod guy, because I had my iPod with me. But Maria had a stroke of genius, she said I should be a hostage. All we need is duck tap and rope and it would be perfect! Once we got back from the hay ride we went into her house and she tied me up.

Which was pretty hard for her to do because she was bent over laughing the entire time. By the time we were done all of the kids had gone to the party across the street. Maria and I walked together discussing what she was for Halloween. I pretended to understand why she had chosen Nicole Riche. I stumbled along, while I slightly began to lose all the feeling in my arms. I wanted to take it off more than anything but I knew I had to have a costume.


We passed the main street with a few cars speeding by as usual, and made it back the party. Mostly everyone had settled into the house somewhere but I decided to stay out front with Jerry. We had known each other for around 3 years, and we were close, very close. After a noisy hour of waiting to finally get trick or treating we began. As planned I split up with Kate, Jerry, Alex, and Isabelle.

Once we got to the road we turned immediately left, and continued until the end of the street. We dashed down the hill until we literally hit the first house. “Dang empty, let’s go to that one.” I panted to the others. We sprinted back up the hill until we came to a light yellow house. I slowed down before I got to the house in case it too had nobody in it. “DING” Kate rang the doorbell, she had an eager and exited look on her face. Isabelle stopped behind me, probably for the same reason I did.

After a few seconds of waiting I turned and made a run for the next house, Isabelle close behind me. I ran right through the bushes onto the houses front lawn, and onto the mans doorstep. He was already outside holding a glossy metal bowl in his skimpy arms. “Trick or Treat.” I whispered shyly.

“Ah, here you go.” He answered putting one measly Hershey kiss in my bag. “Thank you.” I said over my should as I ran to the next house. Isabelle still was right behind me. And behind her still the rest of our group. We stopped at the next house together, she looked at me


and asked “Joe, you wanna ditch em?” I looked over my shoulder once more, to see them one last time. “Yeah.”