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Zeus + Metis (Titan, first wife) 

Zeus eats Metis, he gets a “splitting” headache 

He cleaves his head in two with a battle axe and out pops Athena, fully arm and fully grown. 

Athena is the goddess of wisdom, usually pictured with an owl on her shoulder and in armor. 

Zeus marries Hera, have two children Ares (god of war) as well as Hephaistis (god of forge) creating metal.

Hera is very jealous, 

Zeus + Semele gives birth to Dionysus who is the god of wine

Zeus + Maia = Hermes (Messenger of god) 

Zeus + Leto = Artemis + Apollo, virgin goddess / god of light & music 

Zeus + Alcame = Hercules 


1 legend: daughter of zeus + water nymph ?

2 legend: born from sea form ?

 (marries Hepharistus) has affairs with Ares + Dionysus 

Cupid is her son