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Aegean Age

2000 B.C. - 1150 B.C. 

Minoan Civilization (Crete) 

Mycenaean Civilization (mainland) …. Where the trojan war was

Both trading in Mediterranean 

1150 B.C. - 700 B.C. 
	-Greek Dark Ages 

Time of stagnation in terms of political development 

Different Greek tribes slowly begin to unite their language, religion & culture 

800 B.C. - 700 B.C. 	

	Development of the “polis” - city state 

Urban are & rules over the surrounding rural area 

700 B.C. - 500 B.C. Archaic Age

Age of City-States - competing, trading

4 most powerful: Athens, Sparta, Thebes, Corinth 

Politically, most city states or oligarchies - rule of the few 

Exception - Sparta
		Military dictatorship 
			Isolated in mountains 

500 B.C. -338 B.C. 
Classical Age

Athens becomes a democracy, Sparta becomes more powerful.
Persians Wars, (Greece VS Persia) 
Pelopponesian War (Athens VS Sparta) 
Great Philosophers & mathematicians 
	Sociates, Plato, Aristotle

Sparta: Military, strict, disciplined, allies with Ionian sea, western and northern greece, slave holding, isolated

Athens: Port city, huge amounts of trade, very rich, very diverse, center of culture, (theatre), center for philosophy and math, music, art. 

Hellenistic age ( last of the ages) ….after Alexander the Great

(to imitate Greeks) 

Moral Code of Greece = Not Religion, Philosophy

Titans - Highest group of Gods - control the UNIVERSE 

	King of Titans = 


					Cronus <3 Rhea