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Graduation Talk
        God, it’s like the 6th grade graduations all over again. Going into the next grade is just a sad reminder of the passing of time. But I’ll remember everyone who I’ve met here at this school, and never forget the times we had. One of my earliest memories here was when Jayce had part of his finger sliced off and wrapped in medical tape which immediately turned blood red, the other 3rd graders at the time knowing that I hate seeing blood. Convinced me that Jayce was growing strawberry’s on his fingers. I don’t think I’ll have something like that happen in high school. I am a little nervous about going to another school. I’ve been at this one for 10 years straight and not to sound too science fictiony never thought the end would come. But it has and it will for all of us. 


Why am I giving this speech?

        Because I have to explain what explain what it’s like to be a graduating 8th year. I have to explain what it takes to be a graduating 8th year. I have to explain what you will come across as an 8th year. 

Stories I can use to illustrate my point…

        When Jayce got half his finger cut off in 3rd grade and people tried to convince me the red paper around it was a strawberry, because of my fear of blood. That was something that was respectful of my pet peeves. 


        Explain a great thing about the people in this community is that they care about each other and it’s close so we know a lot about each other and can be respectful of each others past.

-Make sure to have a beginning, middle, and end. 
-Get them hooked at the beginning 
-If your joking be specific so they know what your talking about!

Maybe open with joke: 

“God, it’s like the 6th grade graduations all over again.”