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	Goals for Thursday:
Make a rough sketch of your timeline.
We have an extension for this.
We are half way done, and we don’t want to waste ink so we did not print what we have out.
Cite at least two of your sources in MLA or APA format (see websites below).
We could not find the information on one of the websites (this is the link)
This is the other one:
Wales, Jimmy. “Wikipedia Encyclopedia.”
January 15, 2001, 
If you are using images, begin to identify which specific images you will use and start checking on copyright information about using those images (see learnnc website below).
Due on Thursday:
Turn in the answers to the above questions.
Write two paragraphs (at least 3 sentences each paragraph) to describe your group’s process for today.  How easy or hard was it to find copyright information?  How easy or hard was it to decipher the citation information?
We have so far used two websites. The first one we tried was Wikipedia. We first went to the about page and found that the creator is Jimmy Wales. We then found the date that wikipedia was created, in the about section. And then we dragged the link into this document. This website made it very easy to find the information that we needed. The other website was not easy at all. I could not find any information about who created the website or when it was created. We might need help citing the information. When we sited the wikipedia we used the MLA style.
Websites you will need:  (citing sources)