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Geology Assignment
1. Which layers were deposited first, and which layers are youngest?
If you look at the far left of this diagram there appears to be no folding or folding resulting in a perfect timeline of which rock was oldest and newest. This is the order of rock deposited first to the rock deposited last:
1. Sandstone
2. Shale
3. Limestone
4. Another layer of Sandstone
5. Another layer of Limestone
6. Basalt
2. Is there evidence of folding or faulting?
Yes, I believe that the section that I have identified with an arrow has shifted so that it is no longer matched with its specific type of rock. I have identified specific points with numbers and if you match those numbers up (1 with 1, 2 with 2 ect.) and drag the rock with it all the rocks types of rocks line up.
3. Is there any evidence of Erosion?
Yes I believe so, as you can see on the diagram I have indicated two points were erosion might have taken place.
4. Is there any sign of Volcanic Activity?
Yes I believe that the Basalt is the remnants of magma that had traveled through the crust. This is because it had cut through other rocks, and spread once it got to the surface.