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“Oh My God, we have like nothing to do right?” I asked my hobo dressed friend from across the table who was looking blankly at his paper. “I guess not, I mean we have our Science stuff but like we don’t have any work due tomorrow.” He quietly muttered to me continuing to glare at his paper as if he were a Tiger stalking Gazelle. I lay my head on the table staring at his hand which was balancing his pencil. “I’m going to go sharpen my pencils.” I pushed my chair back and stumbled out, and began walking cooly to my locker. School was almost over but I didn’t have soccer so I would have to stay another hour.

I opened my locker which was decorated with pictures of characters in my favorite show, The Office. After glancing at them quickly I reached my hand deep into the metal grey box, scrummaging around until I finally found my pencil box. “Crap,” there were less than I anticipated, so I decided it wasn’t worth the trouble, closed my locker and returned to my seat. “God, I’m bored….” I said sitting back into my seat with a thump. At this point I could tell that I had annoyed the hell out of Daniel so I decided to find my next victim. I wandered around the room avoiding the teachers line of sight. Until I plopped down next to my best friend in whole wide world.

“Hey.” I said gloomily. He turned his head slowly to see who it was and answered.

“Hey, you alright?” He asked politely. “Yeah, I’m fine.” He must have been referring to the bored look on my face, but it cracked a smile from his concern. “What’cha up to?” I asked peering over his arm onto his paper. “Just retarded Spanish.” I chuckled. And looked over my shoulder, as our bell rang. Every time someone rang the bell regardless of how stupid the reason was for ringing it we had to freeze, and stop talking. It was time for our daily thanks, where we would tell the class

what we were thankful for. We all joined hands and began stating what we were thankful for. At this point in the year everyone had used all the good ones and everyone began giving thanks for the sun, or the grass.

We were finally dismissed and headed to our lockers to collect all our backpacks. “So you stayin for study hall?” I asked my best friend who’s locker was conveniently next to mine. “Yeah, I guess so.” He answered questionably. I felt bad, it was almost as if he didn’t want to spend time with me. So I decided to make the best of it.

* * *

A half an hour had past so all of the teachers in our class had either left or were helping with an after school activity. Only six of us remained, this was one of those weeks when the teachers didn’t plan very well and on some days we had no homework and others we had enough handouts to fill the classroom. Luckily, this was one of those good days, no work and all play. Like usual we would all come equipped with backup work just in case the teachers noticed we were goofing off.

And finally the only people who were there wouldn’t judge others on how retarded and immature they acted. But, I had no idea what consequences lay ahead.