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Cloris’ (Louis) Conversion 

	Catholic Church Hierarchy 
		Linked to Political hierarchy of Europe 

...Kingdom soon falls apart 

732 - Charles Martel 
	Stopped Islamic Expansion into Europe.
From that point … Islamic Empire stays
South of Pyrenees “Christendom” = is western 

Charlese Martels son: Pepin the short: 751 - 768 
	Pepin Creates a court - Son : Charles - has military power, is therefore most powerful leader in Europe…

FATE .. Would create circumstances that would change history 

Pope Leo III (In Rome) 

	Gets kidnapped - eyes burnt out with a hot poker 

Charles rescues Pope, to thank him, the Pope crowns Charlemagne (he is now Charles the Great) 

“Holy Roman Emperor” On Christmas of 800 AD 

Sets A Precedent 

	Kings derive their power from Church. 
Pope makes kings 

Divine Right