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(Give a good introduction on Ms Gerber's research papers, always have a thesis statement in the introduction, first line or last line in the introduction). Whether or not you are given a prompt you must have a Thesis statement, which is the statement you’re trying to prove. You make the statement your trying to prove by backing it up with information. 

	Example of Thesis statement: The effect of the Neolithic revolution was to influence the development of human civilization through trade and time. 

Outline of paper

Into: Thesis
Paragraph 1: Background paragraph, to understand question what it was…..Paragraph 2: Trade, explain what happened….Paragraph 3: Time, explain more to prove thesis

	Sum up (restate thesis)
	Don’t repeat Thesis
	Say it in a different way, split into a few sentences 

NOTE: Need to have transition sentences at the beginning and end of paragraph. If you mix up the paragraphs they won’t make sense.