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Questions And Answers
1. What have you done well this trimester? What do you think your strengths are?
I think that this trimester I have done very well in Science labs because I am very
descriptive and I also think I have done well in our recent topic of study, Environmental
Science. I think I have done well in our chemistry lab, mostly because I have done
previous research and I like the subject. I also think one of my strengths is Math. I think
that every once and a while after doing a math packet we should discus about what we
did not know and what we learned, I think that way the concept would stay in our brains
much longer. One thing that I think that we as a classroom should learn more about is
politics. I enjoyed discussing politics and the government the times we did and I would
love if we could do it more often. I also think that I am very organized when it comes to
     2. What type of learner do you think you are? Visual? Kinesthetic? Auditory? A
I think that I am a combination of the three. I enjoy using all methods and not a
specific one. However the one I like the most is a auditory, because I like to talk with
a group about a subject more that listening to someone explains it to me. In some cases
I enjoy kinesthetic learning more in some cases that are more complex. And I enjoy
visual learning in some cases where I need to memorize something.
3. What work have you felt best about?
I enjoyed doing science the most because there are a lot of things to learn about that
interest me a lot. I also feel very good when I get a complete or complete plus on my lab.
I find writing the labs really makes you understand what you are learning. I also feel
proud of myself after making a good humanities presentation. I enjoy making
presentations in a group much more than presenting alone, but in a group or not I do not
enjoy giving presentations that I am not interested in.
4. What could use some attention on your part to improve? What do you think your
     challenges are? List concrete ways that you will take action on these improvement
     ideas. Begin sentences with I will…
I think that the subject that could use my attention the most is spelling. My ability of
spelling words has dropped dramatically in the past year. One thing that may be the cause
of this problem is that computers are being used by almost everyone and our class
and I think that one of the reasons that our class (myself included) have not done very
well in spelling is because we are constantly depending on spell check to correctly spell a
word. I think that I should read a little more than I do now and I think that I should work
on Spanish more. I have done better at Spanish recently and I hope to keep it that way.
Here is a list of things that I will do:
I will rely less on spell check to answer an incorrect spelling.
I will practice Spanish more and work on memorizing my verbs.