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	The Ideal form of Education

        Thesis: Our current form of public education is not personal enough to benefit the extreme student. 

Background Paragraph: 

1.Public education benefits the average student, one who does not have the motivation to explore certain subjects to an advanced level until they have reached college. It has the potential to be destructive to those who are not academically propelled and is destructive to those who have the intellectual capacity to expand.
2.Private education has the potential to benefit extreme student, it allows those who are academically gifted to excel (at least in a Montessori program). It may or may not have enough structure or tests to motivate a student who is not as educationally motivated. 

First Paragraph (Understand paragraph): 

1.Topic: Students in public and private schools have advantages and disadvantages.
2.Students develop academically differently, there may be certain of the profession they are interested in. 
3.Others may change their decision based on what they have or are learning. 
4.It is simple, the best form of education is a 1 on 1 format, this allows the teacher to be more flexible in their teachings while maintaing the students basic educational needs. For instance if a student enjoys learning about a certain subject the teacher can allow expansion on the subject. 

Second Paragraph: 

1.Topic: The problem with continuing with the education method we are currently using is. 
2.It does not allow students to chase their ambitions regardless of how academically related they might be. 
3.Some students have given up and chose not to try at all, a specialization method may help maintain or regain that motivation. 
4.If the teachers don’t care about the information, the students won’t care. If the students aren’t enticed to learn more, the teachers may not care as much. 

Third Paragraph: 

1.Topic: A mix between the two, as well as a structure change would be beneficial. 
2.Allowing students who are clearly intellectually superior to expand on their learning and not be held back by their less intuitive classmates would help. 
3.Students who early on have decided on their profession may continue in the current form of a public school, providing them with basic education. 
4.Depending on the intellectual severity of the students, they may be in a private school with others who will not hold them back. Or they may be susceptible to a personal tutor.